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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you receive assistance ?

Please Download and completely fill out all three forms found on the home page. Once all parts of the Application for Acceptance are completed, please mail to: 

SCORE Development
8390 Transition Rd.

Milton, FL 32583


You can also E-mail or Fax the completed form to:

Email:  operations@scoredsrc.org

Fax: (850)-564-1668

What are the requirements to enter the SCORE Development Program?

In order to be considered for the SCORE program, applicants: 

  1. Must have been released within one year from incarceration, and be able to do basic work assignments. 
  2. Have a strong desire to change your life for the better and to become whole, healthy, and self-supporting.
  3. Must exhibit willingness to make a sincere commitment to the 6 month program. 

What type of Client do we assist?

SCORE Development wants to offer help to individuals without resources who are struggling to better themselves and truly want to change their life to become successful in future endeavors. SCORE wants to provide clients with the tools to change their lifestyles into a healthy and self-supporting life filled with hope. 

How long can a individual stay in the SCORE Development Program?

We provide a residential program that lasts at least six months, depending on the individual’s needs. We also offer follow-on aftercare as needed.


How can I help SCORE Development?

 There are many ways to help SCORE Development.

  1. Donations to help fund the program.
  2. Become a High Impact Volunteer: Drivers, Receptionists, or Career Mentors needed.
  3. Sponsor a client's school work/course work by helping fund our educational and evidence-based courses. 
  4. Donations of clothing, toiletries, socks, and under garments are always needed for clients. 


 "This program has helped me in so many ways. I knew that there was nothing out there for me. I was doing things my way and living life for myself. I am so thankful to gain the tools that I needed to better my life .  Now I have a job, my license back, and I am now living in my own place. SCORE gave me a Second Chance."

​Rod N.

Program Graduate​​​​​​

"SCORE literally saved my life.  I had no direction, no goals, and no real reason for living.  I have since found a reason to try again.  I not only have been able to look myself in the mirror, but like who I see.  I’m going to college now and looking forward to each day, something that never would have happened had I not come here" 

Lawrence P.

SCORE Resident

 "​SCORE gave me a sense of hope and taught me how to set better goals and priorities, and to take advantage of opportunities instead of people. If I didn't have SCORE I know I would have went back to prison."

Daniel R.

SCORE Resident