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The Two-Phase Process: What We Actually Do

Our program utilizes two phases in an attempt to ensure a positive outcome for all clients who participate. While the general process is the same for each client, every client path is tailored to fit the individual's needs. 

Phase One: SCORE Residential Community

I: Intake and Orientation

This period is dedicated to collection of information. SCORE works to asses risk and needs, conduct appropriate screenings, make referrals, and request documentation during this time. 

II: Case Plan Development

Based on the information collected during intake, case managers develop an individualized strategy to address identified risks, needs, and life skills. 

III. Moral Reconation Therapy and Career Path Development

Once the case plan is set in action, clients work to increase moral reasoning and employability. Succesful completeion of SCORE training involves program participation, treatment participation, educational and career training, and periodic updates or modifications to the individualized case plan.

IV: Maintenance & Sustainability

Clients work to maintain a prosocial, law-abiding lifestyle, as has been developed in the residential, theraputic community. This step includes involvement with mentors and local community support networks, gainful employment, and self-sufficiency. 

Phase Two: Transition to Community

I: Successful Career Path Progress

Each client has a career path which is based on the assessment of their individual needs. In this step, clients make progress in developing the learning essentials identified in their career pathway.

II: Successful Implementation of Case Management Plan

Clients effectively use SCORE and other community resources to support their individualized case management plan. The client's case manager will follow up with community service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for the client.

III. Maintenance and Sustainability

Clients will successfully maintain a prosocial, law-abiding lifestyle, which includes involvement with mentors and local community support networks, gainful employment, and overall self-sufficiency. 

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